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Make Yourself a Money Magnet
Premium on-line course by Ellen Whitehurst
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This is a 27 day on-line course available from DailyOM and Ellen Whitehurst. We will email you when your new lesson is available and you will be able to login and read each lesson on-line or print as they become available and click to listen to the guided audio meditations. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.

MAKE YOURSELF A MONEY MAGNET is dedicated to bringing both the promise and the presence of real and lasting wealth, prosperity and abundance in your life. In this report, international inspirational expert Ellen Whitehurst transcends and transforms the meaning of wealth, abundance and, yes, true and lasting prosperity, from an idea or an intention into a real experience by sharing with you the ancient secrets and modern shortcuts, the tips and techniques that she has been privileged to have been privy to over the last 25 empowered intuitives representing almost every tradition and culture and every walk of life. Ellen culls from these time-tested traditions and then you by the hand and walks you down the path to your own personal and powerful true and lasting state of prosperity. She shares ways in which you become a magnet and attractor for abundance, money, prosperity and, of course, wealth.

Simply by following Ellen's easy to understand (and even easier to apply) effective and empowering methods and effective, results oriented tips, tricks and techniques, anyone looking for financial comfort and security, fulfillment, satisfaction and a bigger, bolder bottom line will be sure to find all of that and much, much more.

Inside these pages you will be given the opportunity to tap into the incredible power of specifically chosen words and affirmations that will activate and energize your intentions to be filled to the brim with all the wealth and abundance your life can hold. And more than that! Ellen also offers life-altering and affirming as well as totally transformational writing exercises that will allow your relationship with money and the one you have with yourself (which are inextricably linked btw) to become more fulfilling, happier, healthier, and, as mentioned, much, much, much more prosperous. Clear away the stale, the stuck and the stalled energies that are keeping you in a financial 'holding pattern.' In fact, this report will help you to sweep away all the obstacles that are keeping you from attracting the wealth, abundance and prosperity that are your birthright! You can attract the financial security and the comfort that you dream about and get solvent and secure all in just 27 days! Instead of just wishing for wealth, why not try MAKE YOURSELF A MONEY MAGNET instead! Seriously, you can't buy the health, happiness and prosperity that come next. But you'll sure be able to afford it if you wanted to!


  • Release the fear caused by financial instabilities … in 27 days
  • Shake off despair and disappointments from past fiscal mistakes … in 27 days
  • Permanently remove previous barriers to wealth … in 27 days
  • Go from being fearful to being fulfilled financially … in 27 days
  • Boost your bottom line in a BIG way … in 27 days
  • Attract TRUE and lasting abundance … in 27 days
  • Create an environment that magnetizes money to you … in 27 days
  • Enhance existing opportunities and create tons of new and exciting ones … in 27 days

"I am a living, walking and talking example of how to get out of debt using Ellen's ideas. My husband had been out of work for two years and the bills were out of our control. Unemployment only stretched so far for our family and even I had to return to the workforce. But that didn't even help to make ends meet. Once we (my husband actually followed Ellen's advice and now he's her biggest fan!) both did only even a few of the Feng Shui cures she suggested, not only did he get a good paying job (almost immediately!) but I also got a promotion as well as a raise! We are TRUE believers!" - Laura and Bill Q. from Ohio

"I was fearful about the economic downturn. I had lost almost 2/3rds of my net worth in the stock market downturn and some problematic real estate investments. Honestly, I really only turned to Ellen because I knew of her Wall Street background and appreciated her depth of credentials. Then, once I started implementing her ideas and her suggestions, almost magically, opportunities to make more money began appearing NOT DAILY but almost hourly! She's mystical in my book and these suggestions are truly all anyone could ever need to be their most prosperous selves ever! I hope you guys tell her how grateful I am to her and how much I LOVE her!" - Julia M., CEO, Entrepreneur and BIGGEST ELLEN FAN EVER!

"You asked me to be completely honest and so I will. I didn't do the affirmations or the writing exercises because my financial life is pretty healthy. But who can't use more right? What I did do was use the symbols Ellen offered and OH MY GOD! That's all I can say! Almost immediately more money started flowing in from the most unlikely sources! THESE MAGICAL SYMBOLS WORK LIKE, WELL, MAGIC! That's all I'll say but it's quite enough! Early retirement here I come!" - Rob J., New York

"I never heard of Ellen before my sister found her husband by working her FIND TRUE LOVE course. When I was asked to participate in this early test of her money course I was, to say the least, doubtful. But this report gave me the confidence and the personal empowerment I needed to quit my job and start my own business and, because of Ellen, I haven't look back since. OH, and I just enrolled my son in a private college, something I NEVER thought I'd be able to afford! THANK YOU ELLEN! You were a Godsend when I needed it most." - Fran, single mom and now CEO of my own business! WOO HOO! San Francisco, CA


Ellen Whitehurst is an author, teacher, intuitive and healer. She is a regular features contributor to many major women's lifestyle magazines, including having been a marquee monthly columnist for Redbook magazine for five years. She writes a daily tip for, and other partnering sites that currently is read by millions DAILY. She guests on syndicated radio and television regularly and contributes monthly content to such partnering websites as The Huffington Post, John Edward's,, and many others. Ellen has recently been tapped at the Health and Wellness expert for and is looking forward to having another popular report on

An internationally lauded and recognized Feng Shui expert, holistic practitioner and in-demand intuive/psychic, Ellen is also the author of MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2007) currently in Fifth Printing. She also writes the very popular MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY YEAR and is currently working on her second book. Her sense of humor as well as her ability to apply ages-old secrets and shortcuts to everyone's modern lifestyle allows Ellen to show anyone interested how to achieve their highest hopes while also manifesting their wishes and dreams with EASE and grace!


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