Courses : Top 40 Courses

Top 40 Courses

1   Become a Spiritual Psychic in 28 Days
by Sara Wiseman

2   Stop Worry, Fear and Dread in 14 Days
by Ellen Whitehurst

3   Bring on Miracles with the Archangels
by Dawn Lianna M.A.

4   Make Yourself a Money Magnet
by Ellen Whitehurst

5   Access Psychic Information for Yourself
by Lory Golden

6   14 Day Yoga Fat Burner
by Sadie Nardini

7   Find Your Soul Purpose through the Akashics
by Teri Uktena

8   Letting Go with Forgiveness
by Ana Holub

9   Heal Yourself with Writing
by Catherine Ann Jones

10   A Year of Rumi
by Andrew Harvey

11   60 Meditations for Greater Happiness
by Gina Lake

12   Meditate for the Abundance You Want
by Bradley T Morris

13   Mojo Weight Loss
by Jacqui Justice

14   Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman

15   Overcoming Self-Sabotage
by Debbie Ford

16   Stop Being a Victim, Become a Creator
by Isha Judd

17   Collage for Self-Discovery
by Shelley Klammer

18   Clear Your Baggage, Lose Your Weight
by Lisa Marie Toal

19   How to Create Happiness
by Deepak Chopra & Sonja Lyubomirsky

20   Get Rid of Your Broke-ness
by Amanda Elise

21   Cultivate a Strong Writing Practice
by Laraine Herring

22   Clear Your Home, Clear Your Life
by Stephanie Bennett Vogt

23   Find True Love in 27 Days
by Ellen Whitehurst

24   A Year of Positive Affirmations
by Dawn Lianna

25   The 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout
by Dan Millman

26   Spoonbenders Course
by James Twyman

27   MANifesting the Love You Want
by Mat Boggs

28   Become Powerful Beyond Belief
by Becky Hays, Jim Holzknecht and Present Course Media

29   Attracting a Great Relationship
by Max Highstein

30   Way of Story Writing Course
by Catherine Ann Jones

31   Blueprints for Awakening
by Premananda

32   Learning To Meditate
by Madisyn Taylor

33   Moving from Stuck to Flow
by Sara Wiseman

34   Consciously Create Your Desired Life
by Amber Holmblad

35   Heal Your Money Karma
by Spencer Sherman & Brent Kessel

36   Combating Emotional Vampires
by Dr. Judith Orloff

37   Feng Shui Secrets
by Lissa Coffey

38   How to Awaken Your Spirit
by Suzanne Giesemann

39   Attract Love in 21 Days
by Gail Lynne Goodwin

40   Activate Your Psychic Superpowers!
by Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti


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